KeyMacro is a powerful tool that allows you to record all the keyboard activity (the strokes of the keyboard) from within your applications.
Why would you need this? Well, because of the functionality of Microsoft Visual Studio, which is pretty cool as it supports macros and enables you to record keyboard strokes, keystrokes for editing text files and outputting them to files or the clipboard, and so on.
KeyMacro includes all the features you’d expect from a macro recorder, including its option to record anything the user types (for example, documents, URLs, etc.) that are displayed in an application window, as well as keystrokes in any other application.
The most important aspect of KeyMacro is that it can capture keystrokes in any application, including native applications (Windows) and Web applications.
This is achieved by recording the data that’s exchanged between applications, after which the user only needs to paste the recorded strings into the source application’s text editor.
KeyMacro can be downloaded from the author’s website and unpacked and installed in less than a minute.
Setup, requirements, and interface
The interface is clean and simple. The only options you have are:

When recording, the tool offers options to modify the audio, video and keyboard parameters.

In terms of settings, you can define the amount of history, how many times the tool will start recording after you’ve pressed the Start key, what to record, and where to record it.

To install and run KeyMacro, you need to have Windows XP SP3 or higher. If you’re developing your application in Visual Studio, you should have the latest version of Visual Studio installed on your PC.
If you’re developing Web applications, you also need to have the latest version of Internet Explorer, which is required to debug and test your Web applications.
Finally, you’ll need the latest version of Visual Studio.NET. The most current release is available from Microsoft.
There is no Mac version of KeyMacro.
As soon as the tool is unpacked and installed, it’s very easy to run and record data in any application. It’s important to note that this tool only works with native applications, and does not support Web applications.
KeyMacro includes all the features you’d expect from a macro recorder:

It records every keystroke (including Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Windows, and so on) and every mouse click or shift 384a16bd22

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