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Anurag, a Professor of Management at B. J. Institute of Management Studies, believes that technology can be applied in many areas. One such area of application, according to Dr. Anurag Dutt, is business. And he has created a few products and applications to that end. Anurag Dutt is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of three entities. His first company, Everest Group, a Textile and Garments Company, was set up in 1997. In 2002, Anurag set up another company, iSMART Global Information and Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., to provide professional services to clients in the areas of Marketing Communication, Legal Documentation, Finance, Audit and Risk Management. .

A few months ago Anurag set up Anurag Dutt Enterprises, a company based in Nagpur, India, to deal with its new products and applications. Anurag has new applications in the pipeline that he is going to release in future. He hopes that these apps will grow in number to 10 over the next year and a half. Anurag, the Chief Executive Officer of Anurag Dutt Enterprises says, “I have read cases where people prefer to get information through emails over reading it in a book. I hope our products help people do that as they can be accessed remotely.” Dr. Anurag Dutt, has a Ph.D. in Management from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and a B.Tech. in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. Apart from studying, he was a sportsman, representing India in the 25m Air Rifle shot.

Anurag has authored a few books, including: “Management: A Human Capital Approach,” “Leadership and Performance Enhancement,” “Management – An Integrative Approach,” “On Leadership: How Leaders Can Set and Measure Success,” “Managing People for Performance Enhancement,” “Understanding People in Management,” “Company Performance: A Management Perspective,” “Practising Corporate Law,” “Economic Performance: An Integrated Approach,” “Business Law,” “Banking and Financial Institutions,” “Investment Management,” “Financial Markets: The Challenge of an Emerging Economy,” “Knowledge Management,” “Human Capital,” “Planning and Controlling for Performance,


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