Astrological aspects involving the planets Uranus and Venus

synastry reading – Aspects that are difficult to deal with:

The local is quite popular because of his brilliant, effervescent demeanor. He or she enjoys social activities as well as any other interesting encounters. The native frequently finds himself or herself quickly and intensely drawn to someone, yet the connection might come to an abrupt end in the same manner. This native finds it difficult to maintain a love attachment to a single individual.

He or she has difficulties regulating the unusual direction of his or her loves and sentiments, which is a challenging task. The native adopts a very autonomous and distinctive point of view on the subject, which distinguishes him or her from others and causes difficulties.. The native’s conduct becomes even more bizarre as a result of this. The local eventually realizes that his or her right to satisfy his or her passions is linked to the establishment of a new attitude of conduct or moral code, which must first be formed in order for others who share his or her sentiments to be able to experience the same for themselves. The character of the native’s sympathies becomes a cause that can be won in circumstances that are comparable to his/her own in the future. To achieve some type of emancipation along odd lines, the native is compelled to forego personal gratifications of an affectionate character in exchange for some form of release.

Aspects that aren’t as tangible:

The local has a dazzling, fun-loving personality, and they are always up for a good time. He or she is well-liked, impulsive, and unusual, and he or she is extremely appealing to the opposite sex. This native has a strong sentimental and sensitive tendency, as well as a lot of sex appeal, which makes him incredibly attractive to women. He or she also has some unique pals, as well as several highly thrilling relationships and a marriage.

Natural means for the native to satisfy his or her loving nature in ways that other people do not appear to notice or resent are found in the native’s surroundings. It is because of this that the native develops a certain type of selfishness in his or her personality, because the chaotic conduct of his or her affections may seldom lead to settled satisfactions in the lives of others. This, on the other hand, does not prevent the native from enjoying himself or herself as freely as he or she desires.

The native may be in a position of great financial advantage. He/she may find that sudden separations work to his/her favor. Aspects such as this one might aid the local in his or her search for spirituality. 

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