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You need to specify the ‘Path’ property to the CDROM drive.
string path = “C:/”;


use of inlined-function is not allowed

In My Android app i am using WebView. When I start in IE 10 there is an error in code which is given below.
‘use of inline-function ‘webview’ is not allowed

This error is because of ‘webview’ keyword in my HTML code. when I remove that keyword everything works fine and I don’t get any error or warning.
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


webview = (WebView)findViewById(R.id.webview);


How can i avoid this?


The webview.getSettings() method is missing the required import statement.

Why the film ‘Agent 47’ is so great

Needless to say it’s a pretty good film! The violence is very graphic, and it’s not for children – it’s an adult film! But seriously, I like the film for what it is. A slick, slick film – however vulgar it is.

It’s a thriller, with some action sequences in it. There’s some magic realism, but actually I feel it’s a fairly realistic thriller – but we don’t know that until the end. The story is also very complex, but – importantly – it doesn’t give the answers straightaway. It goes around the story giving us the real answers, but it also questions the wrong answers and gives the right ones. It’s not a boring answer, it’s an interesting one.

I love it because it shows that there is no “bad




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