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This macro lets you add a macro to the main keyboard shortcuts, by editing the shortcut which opens the application’s Settings menu.
How to use:
The process is straightforward: you need to install and run Rainmeter, create a shortcut to your Settings.ini, and add a custom macro to the shortcut’s Text property. This is the code for that:
“%comspec%\ rainmeter.exe /Settings.ini /Plugin %plugin%”
What’s more, the macro can also be placed inside other shortcuts, if you like.
M=main shortcut
R=Settings shortcut
M shortcut has
Text=”%comspec%\ rainmeter.exe /Settings.ini /Plugin %plugin%”
How to use:
The macro itself is pretty simple: %plugin% is a placeholder that includes a unique string for each gadget. So, for instance, if you place Macro-1 on a shortcut for a clock widget, it will look like this:
Text=”%comspec%\ rainmeter.exe /Settings.ini /Plugin %plugin%”
In the end, the shortcut will look like this:
“%comspec%\ rainmeter.exe /Settings.ini /Plugin %plugin%”

M=main shortcut
R=Settings shortcut
M shortcut has
Text=”%comspec%\ rainmeter.exe /Settings.ini /Plugin %plugin%”

How to use:
The second macro is more advanced, as it allows users to change the application’s settings. You will need to create a.ini file (either with a text editor or a Rainmeter GUI). This file should be located in the “Active Skins” folder, the same folder where the actual gadgets are being used.
The INI file should have one property per gadget (with the format of “property=value”).

M=main shortcut
R=Settings shortcut
M shortcut has
Text=”%comspec%\ rainmeter.exe /Settings.ini /Plugin %plugin%”
C=Settings submenu
U=Unguided navigation
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The use of staircase and handrail balustrades is very wide and not confined to the traditionally designed ‘plunging’ or ‘rising’ staircase. The balustrades should always be designed to suit the physical requirements of the users.

In the application of particular staircases the following general guidelines may be useful.

The stairwell may have areas which cannot support a handrail, and other areas where a wide and sturdy handrail is appropriate.

The handrail should be solid and wide enough to prevent people slipping down the stairs.

A decent height handrail is useful in the majority of stairwells, but in particular locations it may be useful to make the handrail lower.

Generally, the handrail is less appropriate at the top of the stairs, and more appropriate at the bottom.

It is important to remember that the handrail should be the height of the person using it and the handrail should never be in the way of the person using it.

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The college was established in 1993 under the aegis of Shri K.R.G.Menon. It was upgraded to a full-fledged college and added to the list of Good Nursing Colleges of the State Health Service under the provisions of the State Health Services Act, 1992.

Dr. Anuswamy, who arrived here on Friday, laid the foundation stone for the college building and asked the well-wishers and the students]how

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