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The ProxyChain extension was originally created by Axel “Anon-Go-Go” Florén and Joost Dafink for use with the open source anonymizer Tor. It is designed to work with the Tor protocol and is a client for it.

ProxyChain is a highly configurable proxy server and it allows you to setup a series of proxies that will chain from each other. ProxyChain is intended to work with the Tor anonymizing network.

ProxyChain is a packet sniffer and it allows you to add or remove packets as they are captured. The main functionality of ProxyChain is to construct a series of proxy chains using their own configuration file. These proxies are then chained into a “proxy chain”.

ProxyChain is aimed at experimental users who are interested in running a node in the Tor network. A proxy chain might be more beneficial to most users than setting up a full node.

ProxyChain is a new replacement for the Gnutella-based service known as the “EZProxy” service (e.g. The new service is called ProxyChain. The new service is only available from the anonymous mirror of the Internet Archive (see and it is not yet available on other hosting services.

ProxyChain is based on the ProxyChains extension for the Tor project, and it is developed to maintain compatibility with the configuration files of that extension. However, ProxyChain uses a custom set of configuration files which are not completely compatible with those of ProxyChains. The release version of ProxyChain is 1.3.5, and it can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

In the spirit of Debian GNU/Linux, we suggest that all ProxyChain users and developers should keep their software in the Debian repository. Therefore, ProxyChain 1.3.5 should be installed from the Debian Package Manager (APT) by running the following command:

We have started to prepare an alpha release of ProxyChain 2.0 which is due for inclusion in the Debian stable version repositories, as an experimental package.

ProxyChain 2.0 will be based on the current state of the Tor network, and thus will be able to support the newer features of the Tor network.

ProxyChain will 84e02134c1

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Pocket Cloud 2.2.7.

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26/10/2013 12:56 PM

PocketCloud 2.2.7 – PocketCloud offers a simple and convenient way to create your own personal cloud, that will allow you to access files stored online, from anywhere. In order to make it work, a Google account is required, since the application uses it to link all the devices together and make the uploaded content available to all. All types of files and folders can be stored online and then accessed from anywhere. The application displays a simple interface, where you can view the occupied and the available storage space, according to your subscription plan. The ‘Settings’ section enables you to manage (add or remove) the shared folders (Music, Videos, Documents, Pictures are some of the directories included by default). Aside from these directories, users can easily upload individual files to the cloud by using the web-based PocketCloud application, accessed by clicking on ‘My Cloudbin’ within the main window. Here, you can view a list of all your devices and their status and explore the content of the shared directories. The Standard subscription only allows 2GB of CloudBin storage, but that should be more than enough for the regular PC user. The program supports third party VNC connections and can prevent the computer it is installed on from entering sleep mode, since an offline PC cannot be accessed from PocketCloud. Its advantage is that it does not require you to deal with complicated configurations, since the VNC connections are made through the Gmail account. PocketCloud can be installed on various devices, allowing the remote access of documents and applications. It can help you search, open and share files on your PC with other computer and mobile devices. KEYMACRO Description:
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PocketCloud is a simple and convenient way to create your own personal cloud, that will allow you to access files stored online, from anywhere.

It does not integrate as yet into other software applications.

KeeFox Description:
KeeFox is a browser for Windows that allows you to quickly add a new tab, and open a new window without a double-click, a right-click or a keyboard entry. If you need to open a link, a single click on the tab title does the trick. This way, you can surf the web like you are used to, without paying

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