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KEYMACRO is a program for searching and changing keyframes and keypoints of animated GIFs.
Keyframes or keypoints are points on the animated GIF image that define the general shape of the images in the animation. Changing them alters the look of the animation. In particular, to change a keyframe, you change it’s position in the picture’s timeline, and its color or opacity.
Program Features:
*The ability to change the color and opacity of GIF animation objects using XML.
*The ability to add new GIF files to the loaded list
*The ability to convert between GIF and JPG formats
*The ability to filter and apply filters to the animated GIF file
*The ability to open Windows Explorer windows from within the program
*Support for animated GIFs with looping capabilities
*The ability to open and edit files directly using Notepad
*The ability to rotate and mirror image objects
*The ability to create palettes from groups of GIFs
*The ability to automatically resize the image to fit the entire image with the mouse.
*The ability to display and convert animated GIF files to Png and BMP files.
*The ability to open multiple files at the same time.
*The ability to select GIF files for editing in the program.
*The ability to insert a text box into the user interface.
*The ability to copy and paste text from Notepad and other applications.
*The ability to save files from within the program.
*The ability to export the entire list of frames to a HTML file.
*The ability to preview frames in a tiled display.
*The ability to display and export the animation timeline to a HTML file.
*The ability to preview animation frames in a tiled display.
*The ability to scale, move, rotate, mirror and mirror rotate GIF objects.
*The ability to load and export GIF files.
*The ability to insert text from the clipboard into the document.
*The ability to capture the mouse and keystroke events for later use.
*The ability to insert a text box into the document.
*The ability to open and edit files directly using Notepad.
*The ability to insert text from the clipboard into the document.
*The ability to open and edit files directly using Notepad.
*The ability to open and edit files directly using Notepad.
*The ability to resize GIF files automatically.
*The ability to change the color and 4f8c9c8613

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Keyboard Macro Manager is a powerful program designed to let you make your own keyboard shortcuts. It is capable of recoding existing keyboard shortcuts and adding new ones. Each shortcut can have its own unique text, name and behavior. You can also record the mouse clicks and drag movements, as well as create graphical macros that simulate mouse clicks and drag&drop operations. The graphical user interface provides a feature-rich and intuitive interface for creating keyboard shortcuts, which is simple and powerful.

Album Creator is an extremely easy and straightforward interface that makes adding images to your album a breeze. It can read and convert multiple files at once, including JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP. You can add multiple images, scale, rotate, distort, flip, crop and flip them to the edges of the page. You can also add video, audio and text to your image. You can also preview thumbnails, full size, video and sound, add borders, shadows, frames and effects to the image, add captions, convert to album or create multiple albums. You can also edit tags and image size. The easiest way to convert your images to other formats, such as.pdf,.jpeg and.png.
What’s new in this version:- Added support for creating multiple albums- Added support for creating multiple projects- Improved speed of file conversions- Added more languages- Fixed compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8
Keyboard Shortcuts (

You want the best photo slideshow software? We tested them all!

It’s that time of year when we take stock of our favorite holiday photos and make memories out of them. It’s a time to look back at the year and make new memories with family, friends and loved ones.
But it’s not all about the moment in time.
You can create a beautiful slideshow to keep your holiday memories preserved for generations to come. With a variety of unique features, eMotion HD5 and eMotion HD6 slideshow software is designed to help you create a beautiful slideshow that will impress your guests for years to come.
From the moment the movie starts, it’s clear that you’re looking at a complete slideshow. But it’s also a movie that’s created on your computer in stunning HD quality and lets you edit all the photos and videos in the slideshow.
Just drag your favorite photos and videos into the movie editor and get ready to create your personal holiday slideshow.
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