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All-In Calculator is an application implementing a proprietary method for computing of winning odds in the All-In situation.
You can use this utility to calculate the exact probability for winning with the two initial dealed cards and in presence of any number of players (from 2 to 10). The calculator allows you to check and reconsider your previous estimations.
All-In Calculator has intuitive user friendly interface, multilingual help and two different on-screen modes (compact and full) for your convenience.

EuroPal (European Poker Network) All-In Calculator is a unique application that will help you to calculate the exact odds for winning in any game of European Poker Network. You can check your calculations with an intuitive and clear interface, that also allow you to consult past simulations.

PoolPlayer Calculates odds for the player to win with a specific pair of cards. If the player gets the pool, it will pay for you. If he does not, it will not pay.
It allows a calculator and database to be utilized.
With a button click a selected pool player will win a target amount.
This program allows for usage of a database. You can connect to your computer’s SQL Server to edit it’s own database.

ASmart, the all-in calculator is designed for people who are new to online poker.
– Using the full version of the ASmart all-in calculator, you can check the odds of different outcomes when you are in a hand with different people.
– The interface of this application is very intuitive, and can be used to easily check whether your opponents are
over the table and thus can win back if you call.
– The program also allows you to do hand histories, record the most and least successful hand types (example: consecutive calls, three
betting, etc.), and it is very easy to keep track of how many times you have won or lost.
– Through it’s calculator, ASmart provides you with the estimated odds that you will win with the given hand and the odds that
you will lose with it.
– The program can calculate both the winner, and the bettor, as a single unit.
– You can also use the calculator to calculate the poker odds in other poker variants.

Total Poker is one of the leading poker software programs available. It is a software program that enables the player to play poker in a variety of different poker game variations. These variations include Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud. ce698b3d9e

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The new Home screen of Windows 8 has a gorgeous background picture.

It seems that Microsoft has been preparing the users of the new Windows operating system from the very beginning and has thought of every possible scenario.
So that a number of tasks can be carried out automatically, the program includes a set of advanced features that allow you to customize the Metro screen without any hassle.
ModernBack will help you to choose a new background image, set up the size, change the border, increase or decrease the opacity, as well as alter its size and position on the screen.
If you’re a power user, you will appreciate ModernBack because you can play around with all the settings and make your background image look great.
The application allows you to use pictures that you have stored on your computer, provided that they are in the JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, TIF, DIB, or PBM formats.
The software doesn’t require much computer knowledge to carry out the task at hand. Users can even select from a set of prepared backgrounds and then customize the respective settings with the ease of a third grader.
ModernBack performs flawlessly. You can rest assured that the function will not slow down your computer and cause errors.
The program seems to be a very lightweight utility. All the activities you carry out during the installation process will not affect the system in any way.
ModernBack doesn’t need any installation and it will not harm any part of the computer. The utility works independently of all other programs and does not interfere with the normal system functionality.
The application is offered as a portable tool, so it can be used and installed on any USB flash drive or any other portable media device that you want to carry around.
When you install the software on a computer, it will be installed in a dedicated folder.
The only thing that is necessary to carry out the task at hand is to browse to the folder and open it.
The program offers an extensive set of settings that will help you configure the system background, all the way down to the way it appears on the desktop, the tray bar, and the Start screen.
After each change you make to the system, you can revert the changes with a single click.
Windows 8 has numerous additional useful tools that you can install and use without an additional cost. If you are interested in them, you can check them out online.
ModernBack is one of them. If you are


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