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JMX Terminal is an interactive terminal based JMX client with command line mode. It allows you to access JMX from command line without any graphical environment. It’s designed to be an interactive way to retrieve and update MBeans and services with JMX, like jconsole. It supports core Java language for accessing MBeans and services and customized way for accessing MBeans and services with JMX.

Download jmxterm:

git clone git://

Alternatively, you can download the jar file for JMX terminal:

Download jmxterm

Configure jmxterm for remote connection:

1. Open ~/.jmxterm/ file for remote connection and update the server address:

This is the easiest way. You only need to add one command and get the success result:

You can also modify the entry as followed:


ipAddress =

port = 8989

You can also modify the entry as followed:


server = java.rmi.server.RemoteObjectFactory

port = 8989

Access jmx terminal:

With the jmxterm client, you can access jmx terminal with following commands:


It will open jmx terminal with the server address ( and the port (8989). If you only need a brief view of jmx terminal, you can use the -t option:

jmxterm -t

It will open jmx terminal with the server address ( and the port (8989) but no output will be displayed. You can also use the -S option:

jmxterm -S

It will open jmx terminal with the server address ( and the port (8989) but output will be printed to the standard output (you can see it in a terminal).

jmxterm -h

The help message will be displayed.

Sample Output:

jmxterm -h

Usage: jmxterm [OPTION]… SERVERPORT

-t|–term TREE

Open a terminal tree, redirecting standard input

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-x key macro
Argument key macro:
Symbol to be used as a macro key for executing the corresponding
key combination.
keymacro sy
Executes the key combination defined by the
key macro “sy”

-c key list
Specify a new list of key combinations to be used in defining new
key macros.
keymacro cl
Executes the key combination defined by the
key macro “cl”

If the specified list of key combinations contains only one key
macro, it will be used as the default key

-d key define
Define a new key macro. The “key” can be a symbol, a
string, or a list of symbols, e.g. “a,b,c”,
“symbol1,symbol2,symbol3”, etc. In that case,
the key macro is the string defined by
applying each symbol from the list to
the variable “symbol” in the same order.
E.g. “a,b,c” defines “a” as key macro and
“b,c” as key macro.
keymacro do
“do” key macro defined as

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JMX Terminal – An JMX tool which allows an user to connect to a MBean Server and perform several actions on remote MBean Server remotely without graphical environment. jmxterm is a command line based interactive JMX client. It’s designed to allow user to access JMX from command line without graphical environment. In another word, it’s a command line based jconsole.

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