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The present invention relates to a display device and a driving method of the display device, and more particularly, to a liquid crystal display (LCD) device and a driving method thereof. Although the present invention is suitable for a wide scope of applications, it is particularly suitable for enhancing the quality of an image displayed on an LCD device.
2. Discussion of the Related Art
In recent years, the liquid crystal display (LCD) device has been used for various monitors such as a desktop computer, a notebook computer, and a cellular phone. The LCD device includes an array substrate, a color filter substrate, and a liquid crystal layer interposed between the array substrate and the color filter substrate. The array substrate includes a pixel array having a plurality of pixel electrodes and thin film transistors, and the color filter substrate includes a common electrode and a color filter layer. A voltage is applied to the pixel electrodes and the common electrode to change an arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules of the liquid crystal layer, thus an amount of light passing through the color filter layer is controlled.
In addition, a method of displaying an image on the liquid crystal display device may be classified into an inversion method, in which a polarity of a data voltage for each pixel electrode is inverted for every frame, and a non-inversion method, in which the polarity of the data voltage for each pixel electrode is the same for every frame.
Hereinafter, an LCD device, which displays images using the inversion method, will be described.

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