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If you are not logged in, Click the link below to be directed to the Login Page. Click on the Sign Up button at the top to begin… protect the privacy and security of our visitors.News updates on Slacker and ESPN Win 2010 MLB & NFL Awards

New England Patriots football star Tom Brady has been named Sportsman of the Year by Slacker. Brad Pitt’s ‘The Tree of Life’ won the award for best picture.

Brady also won the 2010 ESPYs award for best game for his leadership on and off the field. He beat out Kobe Bryant, Vince Vaughn, and the game-winning touchdown catch against the Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII.

The ESPYs, which were held in Los Angeles June 17 and 18, were launched in 1993 as a sister to the Grammys.

Now, the best and brightest in sports have the power to change the channel and pick up their phone and have their voice heard in the form of Facebook.

Join us this Thursday for an update on all the the happenings in sports and tech. And by Thursday, we don’t just mean Thursday. We mean 2 p.m. PST on June 17, 2010. We’ll try to bring you live coverage of the afternoon conference call. And we’ll try to do it in an entertaining fashion. (By the way, we’ve sent our interns on a bender down to Applebee’s, so please don’t be too hard on them if you hear any yelling or screaming or blood. Also, we’ll try to get around the “no profanity” rule.

Also, one of you can drop me an email at [email protected], so there will be some questions sent over in the form of a chat box so we can click back and forth and stuff.

So we hope you can join us to all chat about the ESPYs (and hopefully who’s going to win

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Impact of un-sequenced writes to Spark RDD

I have a distributed computation that writes data to a Spark RDD as chunks of a fixed size. If there are multiple Spark workers writing to the same RDD, will the data from the workers be written in any particular order, or will it all be written out sequentially?


Spark will write all the partitions of the RDD in order.
Have a look at :

Katowice Generals

The Katowice Generals are an American professional basketball team playing in the Polska Liga Koszykówki. The team is based in Katowice, Silesia, Poland.

Season by season

Team history


Mediterranean Basketball League
Runner-up (2): 2018-19, 2019-20

Polska Liga Koszykówki
Runner-up (1): 2018-19

Polish Superliga
Third place (1): 2019-20


External links
Katowice Generals at
Katowice Generals at

Category:Basketball teams established in 2016
Category:Basketball teams in Poland
Category:Basketball teams in Silesian VoivodeshipQ:

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I am studying the book Algebraic Geometry, by Mumford, from which I derive that if $\mathcal{O}$ is a she

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Improved extraction of natural bone ligaments from bone-ligament composite samples using micro-sampling technique.
Micro-samples of bone-ligament composite (BLC) tissues of the equine distal metacarpus were prepared using a micro-sampling technique, and these were characterized using conventional histology and histochemistry. Fractional analyses of histological elements revealed that the mean values for (i) bone, (ii) bone marrow, and (iii) fibrous connective tissue (FCT) were 90.5%, 0.5%, and 0.2% respectively. The presence of receptor and/or nerve endings in the BLC samples was demonstrated using X-ray microanalysis. Evaluation of the in vitro release of tibial growth plate chondrocytes from the BLC fractional samples using the monolayer culture technique revealed viability rates of 70 to 86% for the samples. A total of 95% of the growth-plate chondrocytes were released from the samples.

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How much can you charge when your office is in the double-lane downtown intersection of 4th/Central at 11th?

Schonhauser and his business partners, Gula Tavernise of Spiegler and Dana Rubin of Precious Pages

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