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✔High-quality icons
✔Easy installation
✔Ready to use
✔Great support
✔Icons are given in PNG and ICO formats
✔The source files come with a separate file of the same name, for easy installation
✔Supported on macOS 10.10.6+
✔Does not require any additional programs and does not modify system files
✔Excellent results
✔The size of the package is only about 1.5 MB
✔Great compatibility with applications like Photoshop and Adobe Muse
✔Provides excellent results when used to transform applications and other text, logo, image, or icon files
✔Any application can use the icons from the icon pack for free
✔Safe and free to use
● Icon Pack is compatible with the following applications:
➢ Microsoft Word
➢ Microsoft Excel
➢ Microsoft PowerPoint
➢ Adobe Photoshop
➢ Adobe Illustrator
➢ Adobe Muse
✔ Designed with extreme attention to detail
✔ Original digital icons
✔ Vectorized
✔ What’s New
● Icon Pack has been completely redesigned and updated to version 2.0. New set of icons and designs.
● Icons have been created using the original artwork from the iconic games.
● All icons are displayed as small images.
● All icons are individually placed in each folder.
● No icon has been shared between folders.
● All the icons have been exported in two different formats: PNG and ICO
● The icon pack includes a separate file for easy and quick installation
● Icon Pack is working in any version of Windows OS.
● Icon Pack does not require any additional software or installation
● Icon Pack is not compatible with macOS 10.6
● Icon Pack is not compatible with macOS 10.5.1, 10.5 and 10.4
● Icon Pack is not compatible with Windows XP
● Icon Pack is not compatible with Windows 98 or 2000
● Icon Pack is not compatible with Windows NT
● Icon Pack is not compatible with Windows 8 or 8.1
● Icon Pack is not compatible with Windows Vista
● Icon Pack is not compatible with Windows ME
● Icon Pack is not compatible with Windows 98 SE
● Icon Pack is not compatible with Windows 95
● Icon Pack is not compatible with Windows 2000.
✔ Easily installable. Just drag the file to the applications or any folder and you’re 84e02134c1

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KEYMACRO is a freeware keystroke recorder, which saves all keystrokes you enter into a log file. The recording can be read by means of simple batch scripts or made available to another PC. The file can be either exported and installed on another PC or it can be imported and made available on the current PC. A lot of information is provided when importing such a log file, such as: File (its location), Keys, Timestamp (when the file was created), Process (the name of the process that issued the keys you are recording) and User (who is responsible for the log file). With the help of the batch scripts the log file can be sent to another PC, which will create a shortcut to it, so that you can start logging from any other PC on your network.Hundreds of millions of Africans are set to be lifted out of poverty in the coming years thanks to new energy access projects led by the government of Malawi, the African Development Bank, and the European Investment Bank.

According to a new report released by the EIB on Friday, 1,194 million Africans are currently without access to electricity, an 80 percent increase in the last decade. Most of this growth has been driven by access to new rural electricity connections, which increased by 138 million in Africa in 2015.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the primary use of the connection has been for lighting, which has led to a 24 percent decrease in annual energy use per person since 2005.

“This will not only make a huge difference to people’s lives, but also make economic sense for the continent, which loses as much as $2 trillion a year due to lack of energy,” said the EIB’s head of sustainable energy, Fabio Borgo, in a statement.

The report, titled “Renewables Are Changing Africa,” was released at the EIB’s annual general meeting in Luxembourg.

The EIB, which has invested around €30 billion in renewable energy projects worldwide over the past decade, is also offering €1 billion in financing for renewables in 2016. The EIB’s 2016 priorities include Africa, where it is setting up a new renewables fund to give companies an easier way to access international markets.

“Renewable energy and energy access initiatives can bring energy to hundreds of millions of people who now go without access to the grid and have no choice but to rely on polluting, expensive, and unreliable traditional fuels. By delivering affordable energy and improving people’


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