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In this visual programming game you have to find combinations of objects and place them in right sequence to move a whole block to the destination.
In order to solve each level you’ll need to create the program you need. The program consists of only the relevant graphical objects like diamonds and spaces. They can be combined in different ways to move the block to the destination.
You can modify the position of the graphical objects and the block in the 3D space. You also have to decide how many solutions you can create with the currently available graphical objects. Then, using the program you can instantly see if you have found a solution. If you are right, the game will give the score and tell you if you’re a human or a computer.
This game has no time limit or any other restrictions. You can solve each level however you want, as fast as you want. Just make sure to find all the required combinations in the right order!
Music (c) 2014, Zachtronics Interactive:


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Features Key:

  • easy to learn
  • interesting puzzle game
  • many difficulty options
  • challenge against rival

the Sequence [2]

How to Play:

  1. Turn the page around using the arrows below to choose a level of difficulty.
  2. Fill the circle with colored balls.
    The more colors you add the more points you will get.
  3. Move the balls around the board that are not on the track by dragging them with the mouse and release.
  4. If a ball touches a ball of the same color it is removed from the board and scores will be deducted.
  5. Ladder mode: From level 1 to 4. You can switch between them using a sequence of a button.

Game Statistics:

  • Levels:
  • Fenix: 3 difficult levels!
  • Duke: 3 difficult levels!
  • The Waffle: 5 difficult levels!
  • Golden: 4 difficult levels!
  • Rolling: 3 difficult levels!
  • Flaming: 9 difficolt levels!
  • Jump: 29 difficult levels!
  • Long Po: 20 difficult levels!


  • Use page zoom to enlarge texts.
  • Click in the moon phase to change to a different moon phase.


The Sequence [2] PC/Windows (Final 2022)

The game is divided into a number of levels.
Each level has six to twelve “building sites” and one spot where the “Binary Unit” is going to be put at.
Each level also has one or two optional “actions” to be performed.
You can solve a level quickly or slowly, with or without saving game progress.
A level is considered solved when the “Binary Unit” is moved from the starting point to the required destination.
Movement of the “Binary Unit” can be done by the direct manipulation of the “Binary Unit” or by the movement of empty “cars” (generators) on the map.
You can freely change the order of the execution of the actions.
You can also freely “jump” from one action to another.
When you want to “stop” an action, you can freeze the vehicle, change it’s color, or switch it to a backup action.
You can use shortcuts, which speed up the game.
Collecting items on the map gives bonuses for speed or accuracy.
Creating a sequence with a number of “actions” gives a bonus.
You can also sell the “Binary Unit” for money.
The “Binary Unit” should carry from 2 to 20 items to the destination.
Exemplary game mechanic:
Easy to use game mechanic;
Solve levels quickly;
Fast control;
Easy to learn;
Easy to use configurator;
Pick items up even if they are behind a moving piece of the “Binary Unit”;
Sell the “Binary Unit” for money.

The Brick Game is now on Steam Greenlight:
In The Brick Game, you can take control of brick blocks moving around in an endless labyrinth in which your blocks may be any combination of light & dark, as well as a variety of colors. It’s up to you to build a sequence of 7 levels, collecting bricks from enemies and bosses, in order to accomplish your goals.
I have greatly reduced the environment from the previous version.
This game has no dialogue, but each level has an inventory where you can store bricks, and with the use of the inventory you will have an essential game mechanic: you can combine a variety of blocks of the same color into a single block. With the bricks from your collection, you can also create an infinite number of


The Sequence [2] [Mac/Win]

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