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Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer Crack+ [Win/Mac] (Updated 2022)

* Helps Vulkan API programmers check for implementation specific details and supported devices.
* Provides multi-platform software to collect hardware-related data from any Vulkan implementation.
* Capabilities to upload the collected data to an online database to be publicly available.
* Allows you to check if a feature is available on different Vulkan implementations.
* Allows you to filter data by device, operating system, extensions, features, limits, formats and more.
* Provides built-in filtering and searching capabilities.
* Supports multiple cores, queues, memory types, buffers, formats, profiles, instances, surfaces, and more.
* Lists the available extensions to help you find which features are available in a Vulkan implementation.
* Extracts the list of devices with a specific version of the Vulkan API.
* Displays information about supported devices, drivers and their versions, operating systems, and more.
* Provides a powerful search function to make it possible to filter the data displayed.
* Supports the top Vulkan driver, VKD3D12, and a handful of sample applications.
* A QML UI has been written to make it easy to filter the data.
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Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer Crack + Registration Code

Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer Torrent Download is a tool written in Qt that provides all the needed features for developers of Vulkan applications. It checks the limits and capabilities of a selected device to provide all the hardware-related details of a particular implementation.
PROPERTIES Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Android, iOS,…
SUPPORTED Features: VK_KHR_blob_image_format, VK_KHR_memory_mapped, VK_KHR_get_memory_requirements, VK_KHR_surface, VK_KHR_swapchain, VK_KHR_win32_keyed_mutex, VK_KHR_win32_keyed_event, VK_KHR_win32_surface, VK_KHR_win32_surface1, VK_KHR_native_fence_memory, VK_KHR_semaphore, VK_KHR_external_fence, VK_KHR_get_image_slots, VK_KHR_display_update, VK_KHR_extended_get_active_display_modes, VK_KHR_swapchain_extension_list, VK_KHR_diagnostic_test_driver, VK_KHR_debug, VK_KHR_debug2, VK_EXT_debug_marker, VK_EXT_fragment_shader_gray_float, VK_EXT_shader_storage_buffer_object, VK_EXT_subgroup_queries, VK_EXT_memory_alignment, VK_EXT_debug_report, VK_NV_robustness_context_flush_l1_mask_shaders, VK_EXT_robustness_report, VK_EXT_memory_in_shared_heap, VK_EXT_robustness_report_peer_carried_properties_flag, VK_KHR_descriptor_update_template, VK_KHR_push_descriptors, VK_KHR_remap_push_descriptors, VK_KHR_swapchain, VK_KHR_swapchain_extension_list, VK_EXT_memory_barriers, VK_KHR_direct_rendering, VK_KHR_sampler_ycbcr_conversion, VK_KHR_debug_

Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer

The Vulkan API is designed to be portable across multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux and macOS.
This application was created to be a tool to get the most out of a Vulkan API implementation, where a large amount of hardware-related information can be gathered and displayed in a straightforward way.


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What’s New In?

Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer is a software utility that gathers information from the Vulkan API and displays it in a multi-platform graphical user interface.
It supports an easy-to-use graphical user interface to explore every aspect of the Vulkan API implementation, in order to select the desired graphics device to extract data and upload them to the online database.
Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer can collect information about the available features of the API, and the driver’s behavior and capabilities with a user-friendly user interface.
Some Vulkan features are considered platform specific, and most Vulkan implementations expose the same APIs but have different implementations.  Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer gives you the possibility to test the available features, and interactively display the features that are present and the available limits and thresholds. 
You can use this tool to investigate the supported features, and filter the information collected in a huge amount of parameters.
To use this tool, you must download it from the Qt site and extract the archive in a folder of your choice. 
How to use Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer
To use this tool, you must download it from the Qt site and extract the archive in a folder of your choice.
You can select the graphics device from a drop-down list and explore all the available properties in a convenient way.
For instance, if the graphics device supports the Vulkan_1_0_x_ APIs, the version property will show you the supported version of the API.
You can see if the maximum number of samples per image (samples parameter) is equal to 32 or higher. 
With Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer, you can select a profile and check the available extensions, limits and thresholds.
You can also check the available features, including those that are platform specific. 
Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer collects hardware information that is related to the Vulkan implementation, allowing you to upload the data to an online database and compare system configurations.
With the help of this tool, Vulkan programmers can build an online database to help each other check for implementation specific details and supported devices.
Report issues
If you encounter any problems with the installation, you can report them in our forum:

Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer provides a multi-platform software utility ready to collect hardware-related data from any Vulkan implementation, offering the possibility to upload the details to a public database.
Written in Qt, this application is particularly useful to programmers who use the Vulkan API, who can share details about supported devices and check the availability of a feature on different configurations.
Displays properties of the Vulkan implementation 
The main window allows you to select the graphics device from a drop-down list and

System Requirements For Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer:

Windows 7 / 8
Mac OS 10.9 or higher
iOS 7 or higher
Android 4.1 or higher
OS X 10.7 or higher
1 GHz processor
SD Card 512 MB or higher
Note: To avoid potential unexpected situations when installing the game, we recommend players to install the game using Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8 64-bit to ensure the best gaming experience.
Added game help texts to include English and Traditional Chinese version.

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